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My name is Swati Rai, I am a freelance Search Engine marketing manager with 5 years of smart experience. I specialize in:

A. Google Adwords Management

B. Microsoft Adcenter (Yahoo & Bing)

C. Facebook Advertising

D. Twitter Advertising

E. Adwords Express




PPC Freelance

Pay per Click (PPC) is about doing advertisement through search engines. You just need to Bid on keywords and your ads will promptly start appearing in results but is it really as simple as it sounds? I don’t think so. A well established PPC campaign needs lots of hard work and a bunch of methodology as it is a quick method for generating traffic to your site.

If you search on web you will find a flood of PPC agencies and firms who claim themselves PPC experts but actually they are just exaggerators. I don’t say that they all are fake some of them are great but they belong to the big renowned agencies and firms who prove to be very pricey.

Why Hire PPC Freelance?

PPC Freelancer have the right skills to supply a fully loaded and in depth service. Although there is a myth between the people that Freelancers are not effective comparing to the big agencies but it’s not true even Freelancers can provide much improved Freelance PPC services than agencies. PPC Freelance could fine tune their marketing efforts to produce the finest results.

Being a PPC Freelance I am considerably cheaper than other PPC agencies. I have 5 years of smart experience in Search Engine marketing my technical knowledge also guarantees a high level of quality compared to other sources. If you looking for expertise on how to setup targeted online marketing campaigns, or you want to boost the quality and amount of traffic to your business website than I am the best option for you.

I always suggest my clients the best relevant keywords well optimized sites as well as reduced bid gaps and always make sure to keep the bid of keywords in your budget. I have the experience to create some targeted keywords/phrases and write the ads in such ways that it could easily drive the CTR short form of click through rate & boost conversions.

Five fantastic factors to hire me 

  • Keywords that converts 
  • Complete Campaign set-up 
  • TOP Quality Ads 
  • Landing Page Optimization 
  • Monitoring and Reporting 

Why Freelance PPC?

Advertising has become important as never before these days. In fact, one of the best ways to spread word about a product or a service to a larger group of people is advertising. And in this age of internet where everything is just a click away, advertising on the internet has become more of a necessity than an option. And one popular way of advertising on the internet is pay per click management or ppc. And to provide this pay per click management service to interested users, we have services like freelance ppc and ppc freelancer who have expertise in this particular form of advertising.

Pay per click management is basically done with the help of search engines like Google, Bing and many more where owners of products or services need to place a bid on certain selected keywords and the ads will start appearing on their own. Though relatively easier to hear but tougher to execute, pay per click management requires a ppc freelancer who has a deep insight and knowledge of the work and only then can the desired results be achieved.

Why PPC Freelancer Swati?

One such ppc freelancer as well as adwords freelancer is Swati Rai. In the field of ppc since more than last five years, Swati Rai also specializes in a number of other related services like Google adwords freelancer management, Microsoft Adcenter, Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, Adwords express and many more . In fact, because of the sheer dedication with which Swati works, clients are often coming back to her for services that are related to ppc. Swati has already worked for a number of big names in the business and is attributed for the success of these client’s websites. As a ppc freelancer, Swati ensures she understands the requirements of her clients well before hand she starts working on it. For this, she puts into place extensive research and study and hence the perfect quality of the services provided by her.

The market today is teeming with professionals who claim to offer the best freelance ppc services but few can actually deliver what they claim. Hence, extra caution needs to be taken when entrusting freelance ppc work to a professional.

Freelance ppc can be one of the most effective ways to attract traffic to a website and also to improve the quality and visibility of a website. Hence the growing demands for freelance ppc and ppc freelancer. And Swati Rai with her exceptional ppc services, figures out to be one of the popular choices.

Few reasons which make her a popular choice for freelance ppc are :

· She makes use of keywords that convert

· She provides complete campaign set-up

· Provides ads that are of top most quality

· She also excels in on page optimization

· Provides monitoring and reporting services as well

For all those who are looking for a reliable ppc freelancer or an adwords freelancer, Swati Rai is the name to go to. With her excellent freelance ppc services, Swati is bound to impress you.

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