The search engine giant, which was known for its simplicity and accuracy, has now attracted a considerable number of detractors owing to the multiple monetization schemes being used by it now. The search engine is flooded with monetization schemes these days which include monetizable products like Maps and Zagat recommendations among many others.

Less search more advertisement, Google stumbles in search resultsThe situation of Google was not so apparent to visitors until the recent page breaking down of Google Search page by Aaron Harris, co-founder of Tutorspree. The report highlights the shocking lesser percentage of a Google Search page being dedicated to the key word searched, “auto mechanic”. With a mere 13% of the search page dedicated to the keyword and more than double that percentage dedicated to advertisements, Google has become more of a trouble maker than that of a rescuer. The absurdity of the ads being shown on the Google search pages is costing the search engine giant its loyal visitors.

Though Google has made considerable efforts to reduce the blue links on its pages in the interest of relevant contents, but with the recent advancement of Zagat listings, the search engine has again treaded on a risky path. Google has to keep in mind its reputation of a ubiquitous presence and work accordingly rather then get burdened by an image of self interest.

Source: Google news

freelancer seoGoogle is among the most used search engines today. According to statistics, almost 90% of respondents fall back on Google for all their search requirements. This makes it absolutely essential for businesses that have an online presence to get noticed by Google and in turn their target customers. In order to get noticed by target customers a website has to get higher ranking on Google than its competitors since search engine users rarely look beyond the first page results of search engines. For this purpose the technique of search engine optimization or SEO has become extremely popular. For those who came in late, SEO is a technique of getting a website noticed by search engines through paid and un-paid methods. It combines a number of methods from On page and Off page SEO techniques to create a website which will get help websites get noticed by Google and also help it in ranking on Google ahead of its competitors.


SEO plan can either be created by the website owner itself or can be outsourced to the many SEO service providers out there in the market. A good SEO plan created would keep in mind some of the following features-

  • The first and foremost thing is to know the keywords which are most often used by the target customers. Experts from SEO service provider firms use a combination of Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Word tracker to find out the most used keywords and then use these keywords optimally in the title, Meta tags and content. These keywords are also appropriately used in categories, URLs, post titles and subheadings so as to give a natural feel to it and not overstuff them with keywords. These keywords can even be extended to the filenames and the ALT tags given to the images present on the site so as to help get the website noticed by Google.
  • The next step in SEO is to have a content focused website. The contents written by the experts are original and unique and help the client’s website get higher ranking on Google. Content is the king in SEO and it should be written so that it keeps up the interest of the target customer.
  • After content optimization comes link building with other relevant and popular websites. This is one of the most important steps in SEO and experts know links from more established sites would naturally lead to the client’s website get noticed by Google search results.
  • Once the website is ready, experts from SEO service providers use off page SEO methods such as spreading the word about the website through social media, articles, blogs, advertising and press releases, getting registered through directory submissions and then continuously monitoring the website and providing regular reports to the clients.


Some of the best names in SEO service providers make sure that the SEO campaign which they have created gets their clients the desired results and help them get top ranking on Google through white hat SEO techniques and ethical link building campaigns which would help the website in the long run. A client just needs to try their service once and they would go back extremely satisfied and with a higher Google ranking.

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