The search engine giant, which was known for its simplicity and accuracy, has now attracted a considerable number of detractors owing to the multiple monetization schemes being used by it now. The search engine is flooded with monetization schemes these days which include monetizable products like Maps and Zagat recommendations among many others.

Less search more advertisement, Google stumbles in search resultsThe situation of Google was not so apparent to visitors until the recent page breaking down of Google Search page by Aaron Harris, co-founder of Tutorspree. The report highlights the shocking lesser percentage of a Google Search page being dedicated to the key word searched, “auto mechanic”. With a mere 13% of the search page dedicated to the keyword and more than double that percentage dedicated to advertisements, Google has become more of a trouble maker than that of a rescuer. The absurdity of the ads being shown on the Google search pages is costing the search engine giant its loyal visitors.

Though Google has made considerable efforts to reduce the blue links on its pages in the interest of relevant contents, but with the recent advancement of Zagat listings, the search engine has again treaded on a risky path. Google has to keep in mind its reputation of a ubiquitous presence and work accordingly rather then get burdened by an image of self interest.

Source: Google news

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